Another Missed Opportunity to Make Things Right for Children in Ontario

  • Provincial News

NORTH YORK – Ontario Liberal Critic for Children, Community and Social Services Michael Coteau, MPP for Don Valley East, challenged Premier Doug Ford and Minister Todd Smith for once again leaving Autism Families with little support and many questions.

“After two years of waiting, the government has announced a pilot project for only 600 young people, with less support provided than the original Ontario Autism Program”, Coteau stated. “What about the over 40,000 families who have been continuously misled and let down by Doug Ford?”

The results of Conservative cuts to the Autism program have been disastrous for many families––especially those who have children with complex needs. Parents told us again and again they did not want this, and experts agreed. It is a shame that almost $200 million was deliberately left unspent from the government’s autism budget from last year.

“There is a whole generation of children and youth that will not benefit from needs based therapy because of this government’s mishandling of the program and reckless decision making. Doug Ford has let families languish on waitlists and temporary programs while he tries to fix the problems he created. The progress that has been lost for many families will sadly never be made up”, Coteau concluded.