Conservative Education Cuts Pay for Tax Cut to Wealthy

  • Provincial News

The Conservatives started off their mandate by cutting taxes for the wealthiest few by some $275 million. Today, Education Minister Lisa Thompson announced that the Ford Government is cutting $250 million out of our school system by increasing class sizes and eliminating teaching positions.

Worse still, these cuts come just as the Conservatives are putting more pressure on our schools because of their callous cuts to therapy for kids with autism.

With the elimination of Free Tuition and the cuts to university and college funding, less support for children with autism and now increased class sizes, it’s clear Doug Ford’s priority is to pay for a tax cut for the rich at the expense of our education system.

A government’s budget shows you their priorities. It’s clear the Conservatives’ priority is not our students, and they’re risking our future competitiveness with these shortsighted cuts.


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