Coteau and Hunter demand action on Anti-Racism

  • Provincial News

TORONTO (08 October 2020) – Michael Coteau, MPP for Don Valley East, and Mitzie Hunter, MPP for Scarborough–Guildwood, sent a letter to Premier Ford calling out his government’s inaction on racism.

“The time is long past for you to take action on this critical issue given some of the decisions you have made since taking office have set us back” said Hunter, the former Minister of Education. 

“While regrettable, this inaction is unfortunately not surprising from a Premier who just recently conceded that systemic racism exists, and who cut after-school programs and school breakfasts for at-risk youth” said Coteau, the former Minister responsible for Anti-Racism.

“We encourage you to take the following actions, outlined in our letter, many of which we first suggested to you this spring but have not been acted upon,” added Coteau and Hunter.

“Premier, anti-racism work requires diligent, coordinated efforts by government and the whole of society. It requires a long-term vision and a firm commitment to a multi-year strategy that will effect real systemic change,” said Hunter. 

“In the intervening months since you first conceded systemic racism is real, your government has failed to take meaningful action. We urge you to change course and make this a real and enduring priority,” concluded Coteau.

For more information:

Andrew Green
Office of MPP Michael Coteau

Catherine Amburgey
Office of MPP Mitzie Hunter