Coteau condemns latest Conservative vote to kill paid sick leave

  • Provincial News

QUEEN’S PARK – Ontario Liberal labour critic Michael Coteau (Don Valley East) condemned the Conservative government’s vote to kill paid sick leave and issued the following statement:

“The government’s failure to provide paid sick leave is unconscionable. Their continued votes against Opposition bills to establish paid sick leave, including my own again today, is simply reprehensible. Make no mistake: their votes are not against an Opposition MPP’s bill, but rather against the 83 percent of Ontarians who support paid sick leave.”

“We know paid sick days save lives. Every single expert, all opposition parties and countless municipal leaders have called on this government to do the right thing and create a paid sick leave program. For over 400 days, the government has refused to act.”

“This government’s irrational, ideological refusal to implement paid sick leave over the past year is something we all must condemn.”

“If and when they actually bring in a program, it will be too little too late, and following dozens of votes against programs that would have worked far sooner.”

“The Ford government’s abject failure on this important matter is their shame.”