Coteau to Fight for Ten Paid Sick Days

  • Provincial News

QUEEN’S PARK—This afternoon, Liberal Labour Critic Michael Coteau, MPP for Don Valley East, will introduce a bill that, if passed, would legislate ten paid sick days.

“Nearly a year into this pandemic, it is inexplicable that this Conservative government has refused to provide the workers of Ontario with the basic protection paid sick days would afford,” said Coteau. “Imagine you’re the breadwinner of your family, and you fall ill this winter. You face an impossible choice between missing work and losing a paycheque versus going to work sick and putting your colleagues and their families at risk.”

“Ontario workers need this basic tool to keep their families and workplaces safe”

“This is the sad reality in Doug Ford’s Ontario,” Coteau charged. “One of the first things this Premier did when he came into office was to take away paid sick days. I am calling on this government to finally do the right thing and support my Bill to provide ten paid sick days, the number public-health experts tell us is required in this pandemic.”

“This government says it will ‘spare no expense’ in fighting the pandemic, yet they are hoarding billions in COVID-19 aid dollars. With new variants threatening our best efforts at stopping the spread, we must support workers on the front lines to keep their families and their workplaces safe,” the MPP added.

“My message to the Premier and his Conservative government is simple: step up, do the right thing, support this bill and give the people of Ontario the tools they need to stay safe—with paid sick days. Better late than never,” Coteau concluded.

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