Don Valley East should be among the first communities to receive a COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

  • Community Update

Yesterday I wrote to the Minister of Health Christine Elliot, Toronto Medical Officer of Health Eileen de Villa, and Board of Health Chair Councillor Joe Cressy, to ask that Don Valley East be among the first communities to receive a COVID-19 vaccination clinic.

While COVID-19 has touched the lives of everyone in some way, seniors have by far bourn the brunt of this pandemic. In Don Valley East, we have a significantly higher concentration of seniors when compared to the rest of the city––12.5% higher in fact.

With Phase One (vaccinating seniors, staff and caregivers in health care facilities such as LTC homes and hospitals) still in progress for another month, a vaccination facility could be up and running for Phase Two. Seniors who are not in LTC homes, and who have already felt forgotten by the province, could therefore access the vaccine easily, and avoid having to take long public transit trips if they don’t drive.

I urge you to write a letter echoing my call to ensure that our community is a priority for the Province and City.