Doug Ford Government shortchanges children with Autism by $166 million

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QUEEN’S PARK—Stephen Blais, MPP for Orléans and Michael Coteau, MPP for Don Valley East and the Liberal critic for Children, Community and Social Services, are calling out Premier Doug Ford and his government for once again betraying families with children with Autism.

Today in Question Period, MPP Blais called out the Premier for lying to parents and asked if he could “explain to the house why the official public accounts directly contradict his Finance Minister’s Budget [which indicates $600 million] and show the government only spent $434 million for the 2019-20 fiscal year” on Autism Services?  

“Parents with children with autism have been continually misled and let down by this Premier” said Coteau. “This government told the Legislature a total of 18 times, as recently as July, that the Autism program would receive $600 million annually. How long did they know that this was no longer true and that the actual figure was 28% less?”

Despite using Supplementary Public Estimates to try and claim that the Government really was planning to invest $600 million, the audited public accounts were clear that this sum had never been spent and that the real number was $434 million.

“We have seen this pattern again and again with Doug Ford and his ministers. They pull a big number out of a hat to try and distract critics and when the true numbers come out, they are nowhere near what the government promised.” Coteau added. 

“I’ve heard from many families in my riding that the lack of Autism support from the government has created huge problems for them getting the proper treatment for their kids––and COVID-19 has only compounded the problem.” Blais stated. 

“After being betrayed so many times on this file and others, I don’t see how Ontarians can trust what this government says any longer?” Coteau and Blais concluded. 

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