Government court battles expose Ford’s doubletalk on collaboration – Coteau

  • Provincial News

QUEEN’S PARK – Ontario Premier Doug Ford is talking up collaboration with other levels of government while Attorney General Doug Downey is waging all-out legal war against them in court, MPP Michael Coteau (Liberal – Don Valley East) charged today.

“Doug Ford is saying he wants Ontario to work more closely with other governments, while Minister Doug Downey has every government lawyer he can find working to take student governments, the City of Toronto and the federal government to court,” Coteau said.

Students fighting back against the Ford government’s cuts to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), the City of Toronto’s effort to stand firm and protect Legal Aid and public health funding, and the federal government’s defense of its price on pollution, have all been subjected to a legal battle by Ford government lawyers paid for by the Ontario public, Coteau explained.

“The hypocrisy of Doug Ford and his right-wing friends is hitting a new low when they try to sound like diplomats but use the legal system like bullies,” said Coteau. “The real outrage is that they are burning through public money to fight each of these cases and are losing every one of them because their positions are indefensible.”

Coteau called on Ford to order an end to the court cases, and in the Legislature demanded the Attorney General document and account for the province’s legal bill for pursuing each action. Downey refused to account publicly for the actual cost of the court cases, claiming the government’s allocations for its legal costs could be found in his ministry’s Estimates.