Joint Statement from Ontario MPP Michael Coteau and Québec MNA Guy Ouellette

  • Provincial News

Apple Inc. Bows to Right to Repair Pressure Agrees to
Provide Authentic Tools and Parts to Repair Shops across the United States

MPP Michael Coteau and MNA Guy Ouellette released the following statement today:

“We are pleased to see that Apple Inc. has finally committed to opening up it’s iPhone tools and parts to repair shops. While at this point they are only doing so in the United States, they have indicated that Canada will follow. Both of us, and many other politicians have fought hard against the status quo and giant tech companies, to push for this reform.

This is a win for the Right to Repair movement and a win for consumers who will be able to bring their iPhones to independent repair shops. No one should be forced to pay an exorbitant amount of money to repair their electronics. This is an unnecessary expense for consumers, a wasteful harm to our environment, and it limits the opportunities for small business repair shops.

While this is a step in the right direction, we need to keep pushing manufacturers and governments to do more on this issue. Many laptops and mobile phones users are still at the mercy of global tech companies and are forced to pay a premium to repair their phones with the manufacturer.

This is a welcomed move by Apple Inc., and we both look forward to other companies following suite in the near future.”