MPP Michael Coteau to affirm religious diversity in response to Quebec’s Bill 21

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QUEEN’S PARK—Michael Coteau, MPP for Don Valley East, will today try and introduce a motion in the Ontario Legislature related to affirming the province’s support of religious diversity in response to Quebec’s Bill 21. 

The motion will state, “Ontario and its government shall oppose any law that would seek to restrict or limit the religious freedoms of our citizens; and, that Ontario’s Legislature should affirm that we value our diversity and assert that we shall promote and protect free expression and the rights of religious minorities, consistent with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”  

“As the former Minister Responsible for Anti-Racism, I believe a critical duty of the Members of our Legislature is to recognize, embrace, promote and protect the rights of all Ontarians guaranteed under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms,” said Coteau. 

“I believe it is incumbent upon us all as Members of the Ontario Legislature to convey with clarity and purpose to all religious minorities in our province that we stand with them and defend their rights and freedoms, and that Ontario will not now or ever pursue a law such as Quebec’s Bill 21 that restricts or limits the freedom to express religion or belief,” Coteau added. 

“It is my hope that all my MPP colleagues will support this motion to convey with solidarity and strength a clear message to Ontarians, and to all Canadians, that this province celebrates and stands together with all our people in support of our diversity, and in defence of our rights and freedoms,” Coteau concluded. 

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