MPP Michael Coteau Responds to the November Labour Force Survey

  • Provincial News

Today’s Labour Force Survey from Statistics Canada shows that although overall employment did increase by 0.5% in Ontario, there are many communities in Ontario that continue to experience negative economic impacts due to COVID-19.

Employment levels in sectors where social distancing and working from home are possible are approaching or exceeding pre-COVID levels. However, sectors that were hardest hit in the first wave are seeing employment numbers slow again as cases rise.

Ontario Liberals have been calling on the Premier to increase support for small businesses that have been pummeled by COVID-19. Businesses that were barely able to survive the first wave are now feeling the negative impacts of the second wave. 

Today’s survey also shows that women and Black, Indigenous, and Ontarians of colour continue to suffer disproportionately regarding employment levels. We have repeatedly called on this government to develop a targeted strategy to help alleviate the inequality that has been exacerbated by COVID-19.

As we continue to endure the second wave of the pandemic and further restrictions and shutdowns have been put in place, the government must take action and not resort to a one size fits all approach.


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