North American Legislators Launch Right to Repair Task Force

  • Provincial News

Québec, Ontario and New Brunswick legislators aim to advance continental consumer-protection agenda

PITTSBURGH—Michael Coteau, MPP for Don Valley East will serve on a nonpartisan task force of the Council of State Governments to investigate a Right to Repair for consumer products, the MPP for Don Valley East announced today. The committee, which was struck last week, will be chaired by Québec MNA Guy Ouellette, and will also include New Brunswick MLA Daniel Guitard.

“Consumers deserve the Right to Repair their products where they choose,” said Coteau, who introduced the first Right to Repair bill in Canada. “Without Right to Repair, consumers will continue to be forced to pay the original manufacturer exorbitant prices, or to throw away damaged products because the cost of fixing the item is prohibitive. This is an unnecessary expense for consumers, a wasteful harm to our environment, and it limits the opportunities for small business repair shops.”

In Québec, Guy Ouellette tabled a petition calling for a Right to Repair with over 45,000 signatures. He said, “The large number of signatories shows that planned obsolescence is a problem that preoccupies a large part of the population. It is our responsibility to consider the important environmental impacts and to protect consumers through the promotion of open markets. As a matter of fact, according to a recent Canadian survey, 75% of Canadians agreed on the Right to Repair.”

Bills have been introduced in Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey and fifteen other States.

The task force was launched at the Council of State Governments Eastern Region Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and will work with legislators across five Canadian provinces and eleven American states to explore what this approach might mean for consumer protection. 

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