PC Government fails Families with Children with Autism Again

  • Provincial News

Statement from Michael Coteau, MPP Don Valley East
Minister Todd Smith spent less than half of Autism budget in the first three quarters of fiscal year

Today, the Financial Accountability Officer revealed that the government has spent less than half its proposed budget for autism services.

While families are trying to figure out how to pay for the cost of their child’s autism services, Minister Todd Smith is holding most of the money back. Only the Ford Government could announce a doubling of funding, and then turn it into a cut.

What’s worse is that even families who were already receiving direct service behavioural therapy programming are having their services cut back or cancelled. On February 18, Minister Todd Smith repeated his promise in Question Period that no child that was in an ABA program would have their program ended. We now know that because of the chaos created by this government, there are in fact children who have had their services cut back or cancelled due to a lack of capacity.

Our government worked with families to get things right. Just when things were starting to work, the Conservatives scrapped the whole plan because of partisanship. Families don’t care about which party created the program. They just want it to work and nothing this Government has done fits that definition. Once again, I’m disappointed to hear that this Minister and this Premier have let families down.


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