Statement from MPP Michael Coteau calling for Minister Lisa MacLeod to Resign

  • Provincial News

The allegations that Lisa MacLeod deliberately and callously closed the autism wait list to manufacture a crisis and justify her flawed plan are shocking and shameful. For months, children went without treatment and parents were given false hope, deliberately. 

It is now clear that the Minister has lost the confidence of the public, but more specifically, families with children with autism. It is time for her to do the right thing and step down.

I have always said I will work across party lines to help children get the support they need but with the worsening series of allegations against the Minister, it has become impossible for her to continue her duties.

A new Minister needs to step in, listen to families and advocates and hit the reset button on this flawed program. We need to work together to ensure we do what’s best for children in this province.


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