Statement on October 2018 Job Numbers from MPP Michael Coteau, Ontario Liberal Critic for Economic Development & Labour

  • Provincial News

Today, Statistics Canada reported that in Ontario, the unemployment rate decreased by 0.3% to 5.6%. In fact, the agency reported that “on a year-over-year basis, employment in the province rose by 83,000 (+1.2%), due to more full-time work”.

These numbers are continuing proof that this Conservative government is disconnected from reality when it comes to the economy. Now is the time we should be looking forward and investing in innovation and education. Instead they are cancelling hundreds of millions from our universities and colleges, and axing the $15 minimum wage increase and 2 paid sick days.

While Doug Ford is busy cutting public services, he is spending a yet to be disclosed amount on putting up “Open for Business” signs at the border. Ontario has always been business friendly, with or without a bumper sticker slogan. This is a distraction and cold comfort to workers who just had their benefits slashed and their wage increase cancelled.

The is not a government for the people. It is a government that thinks social programs and job benefits are red tape that should be steamrolled to make businesses more profitable. We have seen the results of this kind of politics and it only serves to weaken the economy and increase inequality in our society. 


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